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5 Lies You Were Told to Justify Cannabis’ Illegality



The lingering marijuana prohibition in the US is backed by falsehood. While marijuana is legal in many states for medicinal or recreational purposes, it remains illegal federally.Below, are common lies we’ve been told to justify the Cannabis ban:

#1. Marijuana Legalization Will Increase the Crime Rate

This infamous statement is widely credited to the Former Attorney General, Jeff Sessions. Jeff claims legalized marijuana has caused “real violence.” However, stats show 0% increase in crime rates in cannabis-friendly states, including Washington, Colorado, and Oregon.

#2. Threatens Public Health

“I don’t think America is going to be a better place. …I believe it’s an unhealthy practice.”- Jeff Sessions.
Jeff and other anti-marijuana proponents have tirelessly pushed this lie about marijuana’s significant threat to public health.

Funny, several researchers perceive cannabis to be safer than tobacco and alcohol. Ironically, both products are ‘freemen’ in the same land where a safer and more natural substance is held captive.

#3. Marijuana Will Make You Dumber

One wide-selling propaganda about marijuana—no such thing. Instead, research has shown marijuana, even high doses, makes no one any less capable than their peers. Studies have delinked marijuana use and IQ level.

#4. Marijuana Use Is a Gateway Drug

Another common misconception – that marijuana users crave more harmful illegal drugs.
Facts – many marijuana users, do not switch to hard drugs. Instead, studies show cannabis may actually help people quit hard drugs.

#5. Cannabis Is as Dangerous (or Worse) as Heroin and LSD

This saying got its base from DEA’s marijuana placement, alongside the most dreaded drugs on their controlled substance list. Expectedly, this ‘misplacement’ fueled the falsehood that marijuana is as deadly as other drugs on the Schedule 1 category.

However, health professionals, researchers, and others have debunked this claim. There are no recorded cases of marijuana overdoses, whereas conventional prescriptions and alcohol account for thousands of deaths annually.

Wrap Up

Whether from your boss at work, religious groups, or Jeff Session, there are several lies against cannabis. Unfortunately, most individuals have believed these anti-cannabis stories.
As mentioned, research has proved otherwise. Perhaps, these are ploys to mislead prospective users and make them support anti-cannabis legislation.

There you have it, five facts. Go on, spread the word.