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Business Insider: Indoor Cannabis ‘The Best Grow Lights’



Have you ever wondered why grow lights are crucial when growing indoor marijuana? Indoor marijuana growth has gained popularity, especially with the widespread marijuana legalization. Growers need to purchase the best grow lights to ensure that they get maximum and quality yields. Plants get their energy from sunlight. Thanks to the green pigment (chlorophyll) for converting light to energy through photosynthesis. However, as a farmer, you need to choose the best grow light adjustable to suit the different growth stages. Lack of adequate light at different phases results in poor quality and low yields.

Therefore, invest in the best grow lights you can afford.

Before you buy a grow light consider your needs and then begin to plant your seeds. Below are 3 types of grow lights you should expect to buy for indoor marijuana.

LED Grow Lights

​LED grow lights are more popular among marijuana growers. They have an in-built cooling system that pushes heat away from the plants. With easy installment all you must do is plug them into a socket and hang them over your cannabis plants. Even though they are expensive, these lights last much longer.

LED lights are ideal for the vegetative stage of growth.

HID (High-Intensity Discharge)

Compared to fluorescent lighting, HIDs are more effective at growing weed. However, they heat up quickly; for that reason, they must be attached to an exhaust fan to expel the heat outside the grow tent. There are two types of HID grow lights:

MH (metal halite) and HPS (high-pressure sodium). MH has a bluish light suitable for the flowering stage, while HPS has a red light ideal for flowering.

Fluorescent Grow Lights

Another trendy grow light among growers is Fluorescent lights because they are most efficient for those trying to save on electricity and money, these lights are not expensive. They are ideal for young plants, clones, and seedlings. Fluorescent bulbs come in various forms and sizes, all from twisty bulbs to long tubes. Each
carry different benefits:

  1. CFL grow light, which is a twisty bulb that is used to grow marijuana in tiny spaces.
  2. T5 grow light, which comes in a panel, can be found mostly in offices orhome improvement stores.