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Cannabis & Work: How to Balance the Two?



When it comes to balancing your cannabis lifestyle with your work lifestyle, options may vary. While cannabis consumption becomes mainstream, many people are left with the stress of separating their happy hours from their professional commitments. Now that we have helpful and responsible professions, who are also cannabis users, they have figured how to incorporate their daily work lives with cannabis. Some claim that working under the herb’s influence leads to great productivity, however it is strongly advised not to appear under the influence at work. Here are just a few tips on how we balance the two:

1. Research Cannabis Laws

In almost every state or country, there are laws regarding the use of cannabis. If you reside in a state where marijuana is legal every company has set policies and guidelines on the use of drugs, including marijuana. Familiarizing yourself with these laws will assist you with balancing your intake in the event you work around specific individuals such as: clients, supervisors, or co-workers.

2. Not on the Job

Such toxic deals can result in loss of employment or income, and who wants that? It is great to develop a rapport with coworkers but not so much to where you are developing stoner habits on the job. Try to hold back from purchasing on the job or smoking, do not be surprised when your job and professional life go up in smoke.

3. Cannabis is Not to Blame

“I’m too high for this.” A common phrase in most workplaces. Even the most basic tasks performed is casually blamed on the effects on marijuana. Although the boss may might cut you some slack at first, it will not be long-lived. So, if you cannot handle it, wait until after work.

4. If it’s Not for You, Quit!

If cannabis is negatively impacting your professional life, may consider quitting or slowing down. In some cases, stoners will lose the ability to focus on tasks in the workplace. If that happens to you, for the sake of a better balance between work and cannabis life, call it quits.

The Bottom Line

Although we praise this plant for being the key to a happy life, it has detrimental potential at equal measures. If taken carelessly, it could be the root of misery. With any of the above tips, you can achieve a perfect balance between mad fun and your career.