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Love & Cannabis: The Dating Game Changer



Lately, cannabis has become a huge part of people’s lives. For most smokers, the herb defines their lifestyle. Whether you party or choose to be alone, with all the buzz and affection for weed
is there any harm adding an extra person? Puff, puff pass, maybe? We all want to be loved, but the sad reality is that most of us do not know how to express it. So, the question remains, could weed be a barrier to romantic relationships? Or is it a pleasant way of igniting the flames of intimacy and connecting with a potential soulmate? Let us discuss two ways in which cannabis has been changing the dating game.

1.Stoner Singles Events

​Recently, there has been an exponential growth of singles events catered to cannabis users. Companies organize these events to solely bring single stoners out of their shells to mingle with
others. Events vary from hiking to house parties. Age and location differ depending on the event as well. This major trend has been a critical player in many users’ love lives, there are individuals who have met their soulmate just from attending several.

2.Cannabis Friendly Dating Sites

Another trend that has shifted online dating. These sites work the same as any other dating site, only they are meant to connect cannabis users and those who are like-minded within a vicinity. This has been greatly beneficial, especially to those who are introverted stoners, preferring to be by themselves. Want to check one out? Head over to, your soulmate may be waiting.