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Vitabudz Journals: My Wellness Journey by Abigail Brigman



Vitabudz is a cannabis and wellness brand that I have had the pleasure of collaborating with.

For those that suffer from anxiety, migraines, pain or even a troubled sleeping pattern, they offer a wide variety of products that are extremely helpful. With so many different strains each one helps in a specific way. For me specifically, I suffer from anxiety, being easily triggered makes me vulnerable for frequent attacks. Ever since Vitabudz, I rarely experience these attacks. Right away I noticed an immediate change, my triggers were no longer the center focus of my attention. Now, I am in control of my own emotions.

Years ago, I was involved in quite a few incidents that caused several head concussions and more than often, I am still affected by that pain. Vitabudz has helped me managed the pain as well as any minor ones. Plus, I have been diagnosis with an autoimmune deficiency that causes pain to travel throughout my body. Although I experience pain throughout the day it is most difficult at night, preventing sleep. When quarantine begun, I could not find, nor did I have access to anything that could assist me, that same week I was introduced to Vitabudz. The first package were items such as a beverage, gummies, and the cannabis itself. Pain and anxiety were not the only things Vitabudz relieved me of. Now, I started painting more and working on my art. I am telling you! It really gets your creative juices flowing.

Vitabudz has expanded and grown so much since collaborating with them back in March with different strains and flavors, sometimes it hard to choose from. You don’t have to smoke to use Vitabudz either. Their drinks are organic and taste like a sparkling beverage you would find in Starbucks or your nearest café. Usually I indulge in a drink or a gummy before my daily walks. Vitabudz is safe, organic, medical marijuana grown indoors, and outdoors. If you suffer from anxiety, daily pain, or any of the above mentioned, give them a try, even for some positive energy. Vitabudz may be for you!

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