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What to Expect: The Biden-Harris Whitehouse & Cannabis



The Marijuana Industry is hoping for breakthrough developments after the selection of President-elect Joe Biden. The industry is eagerly looking forward to a less hostile department of Justice & ease of transactions for Legal Marijuana companies in the states. Although federal legalization is difficult to accomplish right now due to republicans holding the senate control, the Biden administration will most likely replace the current Attorney General AG William with a less aggressive attorney General. “Everyone I’ve talked to is optimistic about the prospects for federal reform. Everyone is optimistic about the SAFE (Banking Act). Everyone’s optimistic about legalization, looking at the state ballot measures and where the momentum’s going,” said Randal Meyer, executive director of the Global Alliance for Cannabis Commerce (GACC) in Washington DC. The most strategic demand of the Marijuana Trade Associations right now is the SAFE banking Act, granting banking access to all legal Marijuana businesses. Another demand is the associations is the MORE Act of Kamala Harris. Selection of Biden Admiration has paved way for the bringing up of Marijuana Friendly Federal Officials, which also includes Vice-President-elect Kamala Harris as well.

She had earlier sponsored the MORE act in the senate. This particular act will change the course of Marijuana business by Federal legalization of the industry. Mike Correia, government affairs director for the National Cannabis Industry Association in Washington DC, added that Biden’s victory is also a victory for the cannabis industry, simply because it is “addition by subtraction.”

The Biden-Harris administration is going to be filled with more people who are more evolved on cannabis than the Trump administration,” Correia said. “It’s a big win.” It is believed that the presence of Kamala Harris will be more useful in the change of perception among the public & members of the congress about Cannabis Reforms.

This may be a historic time when majority of government members will be openly speaking in favor Cannabis Legalization.

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